HAPRO special equipment construction

The ideal solution for all hot air processes

Your benefits

  • Lower costs than comparable processes
  • Energy-saving heat recovery
  • Consideration of all material-specific properties
  • Precise temperature curves can be adhered to
  • Various system designs, e.g. as heat ducts or hot-air tunnels, also suitable for cleanrooms on request
  • Controlled production or test runs under specified temperature conditions
Special-purpose equipment for pre-warming sensors
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Special-purpose equipment for drying paint on plastic parts
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Special-purpose equipment drying fencing wire
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Special-purpose equipment drying fencing wire
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System solutions with the highest standards of precision HAPRO produces turnkey installations according to customer requirements. Thermodynamic installations work quickly, accurately, safely and, above all, cost-efficiently. Many production processes depend entirely on unchanging ambient conditions. Our system solutions regulate temperature and air precisely. This enables us to maintain any specified temperature with the highest accuracy in a range from 30°C to a maximum of 900°C.

From the briefing through to commissioning, our employees supervise the entire development and integration process of hot air systems.

Do you need advice?

Do you need advice?

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Contact us, we will be pleased to advise you.


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