HAPRO 0235

Compact thermal controller

HAPRO compact controllers control all the thermodynamic processes in hot air systems by means of microprocessors.

Your benefits

  • Microprocessor-controlled
  • Configurable
  • Self-optimisation function


The microprocessor controlled HAPRO 0235 compact controller is a versatile universal controller with digital display of set and actual values. It can be configured as a two-state controller, three-state controller, modulating controller or proportional controller. All the important components are freely adjustable (e.g. control response, control range, measured values, servo-drive outputs, control response, type and function of alarm control). The device is able to adjust itself for optimum operation. (P, PD, PI, PD/I - self-optimising function). Equipped for use with Pt 100 DIN probes and thermocouples. Standard signal 0/4.20 mA, DC 0-10 V. On request with analogue output.

ModelOrder No.Voltage VFrequency HzOutputsDimensions in mm
02354001001483230/115 +/-10%48-62Relay AC 250 V,
max 3 A/bistable
DC 0/14 V, max. 10 mA
48 / 96 / 80
0235400100148424 +/-10%Relay AC 250 V,
max 3 A/bistable
DC 0/14 V, max. 10 mA
48 / 96 / 80

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