Employing an LE-P air heater in industrial mixing systems

Continuously monitoring the air temperature

Wherever solids and / or fluids are to be blended together, mixing systems are used. The end result is a homogeneous product. This is made available to the trade as a finished product or is used as the starting point for other products which, in turn, are manufactured in mixing systems.

A constant temperature during the mixing process is absolutely essential for the quality of the end product. To ensure that this is the case, our customer uses an LE-P air heater with an output of 72 kW. The housing and heating elements of these machines are made of high-quality stainless steel. The LE-P can be very accurately controlled and can heat large quantities of dry, humid or even slightly aggressive air. Due to its compact dimensions, the LE-P air heater can be installed with a very small footprint and is therefore also suitable for use in systems where space is at a premium.

In our customer›s mixing system, the LE-P air heater is used in combination with an additional fan and temperature sensor. The temperature is continuously monitored, which ensures that the temperature is always maintained constant and the mass inside the mixing system does not overheat or cool down.

Technical details

  • Air heater HAPRO LE-P 172, output: 72 kW
  • Intake pipe
  • Round filter

The air heater generates hot air and directs this into the system, i.e. into the space between the inner and outer walls of the boiler.

With the exception of the air inlet and outlet nozzles, the air heater is fully heat insulated, so that energy consumption remains low.

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