Soldering LEDs

Precise configuration and hot air soldering even when time is tight

Our customer supplies the flashing warning lamp units for emergency and rescue vehicles, e.g. flashing blue lamps for police and ambulance vehicles and flashing yellow lights for building site and recovery vehicles. The task was to build a system that would assemble and solder faster and more precisely than had previously been the case.

HAPRO then developed and produced an installation in which the individual lamp units are positioned on a carrier plate and fed under a specially designed nozzle arrangement. At that point, precisely positioned hot air stamps are used to solder all the LEDs onto the circuit board at the same time. A two kW air heater and a high pressure blower were used.

Technical data of the installation

  • Air heater: Output: 2 kW
  • High pressure blower

Nozzle arrangement for soldering

Printed circuit board clamped in place

Fully configured circuit board

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